DWMB Rooftop (neu)


Established in 2009, Rooftop is a quality circle of independent business consultants.

Our primary aim is to enable a sophisticated exchange of thoughts and experiences between successful executive coaches. We work on advancing specific topics, test new approaches and methods in top executive coaching and, from case to case, provide (anonymously) peer-to-peer supervision on coaching projects.

All members of Rooftop meet four times a year for two-day workshops. In doing so, during all these years, we have seen a group of men and women with highly individual viewpoints, perspectives and methods develop into an inspired and inspiring competence team. A team that has met with great success when working together on specific client projects such as co-coaching or on reflective teams, or providing support during team processes.


Jürgen Kugele
Karin Burmeister
Till Novotny
Dr. Beate Fietze
Dr. Ulrike Wolff
Dr. Bernd Sprenger
Maren Paas
Dr. Bernd Wanner
Kerstin Liesenfeld

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