Top Team Coaching: From the committee to the top team

The demands placed on corporate governance have changed. Whether as a whole or in part, long-standing successful business models are up for discussion. New technologies and market patterns require clever and courageous responses. The proportion of direction decisions made under uncertainty is clearly increasing. A new generation of shareholders is increasing their influence and leadership via hierarchy has become largely obsolete.

This is the situation in which efficient team play that strengthens power and courage at top management level is urgently needed. But it’s right here at the top that the potential of team play often remains underdeveloped or unutilized. At no other management level is the readiness to deprioritize team play so great. Nowhere else is the phenomenon of the 'pseudo-team'; that is, the self-deception concerning the quality of their own co-operation, so widespread.

In addition to our direct experience from many Top Executive Coaching sessions, within the framework of a separate interview study, we have specifically got to grips with the special features of team play at the top and investigated the significant hurdles to implementation. The result is a Team Excellence model and a practical development program, with which we accompany groups on their way to the top executive team.

Keywords from the content

  • Types of collaboration
  • Development of team competencies that cannot be produced by means of individual performance
  • Meeting of the board of directors: performance focus, work efficiency and quality of decision-making
  • Productive benefits of diversity and conflict
  • Integration of individual and team development