Co-Coachings, cooperations and conferences

We often support our clients over longer periods of time and under changing requirements.
In this, integrating a special expertise, a new perspective, a 'power sparring' or short training session at a specific point in time in the process can prove to be very beneficial.

To this end, three formats have particularly proven themselves:

  • Co-Coaching: during an ongoing coaching process, as required we make selective use of the know-how of our Rooftop or network partners (for examples, see right)
  • Collaboration: we work together with our clients’ key internal/external contacts, for example in team processes, strategy meetings or as feedback providers
  • Consultant conferences: on particular occasions, we link up with the clients’ various other consultants to form an extraordinary sparring partner and idea generator

Thematic examples for Co-Coaching

  • Executive Assessment
  • Speeches, interviews,
    PC, AGM
  • Personality patterns
  • Language and effect
  • Mental training
  • Stress and health