Board coaching: Co-operation between executive and supervisory board

A strong company needs a strong link between its supervisory board and its executive board. This is particularly true in times of demanding change processes.

Top managers in both one- or two-tier organizations are confronted with increasingly complex environmental questions. Therefore, when looking for strategic answers, managers in both systems need to work closely together and within strong networks, more so than in the past.

Chairs of both boards (supervisory and executive) operate as 'natural bridgeheads' within these systems, particularly so in a two-tier system. Working individually and in tandem, they play a vital role in influencing the working relationship of the members of each board and between both bodies with regard to quality and functionality.

Board Coaching starts off with a 'pit stop', a first step which aims to define the working relationship between both chairs as well as the extent of their cooperation. A 'pulse check' of all those involved in the process provides additional data and information on specific change needs and can also provide valuable material when facilitating thematic workshops.

Facilitation and support

  • Pit Stop: determines status quo and provides momentum for the working relationship (coaching both chairs)
  • Pulse Check: provides feedback and information on the level of progress within the supervisory board and between both bodies
  • Thematic workshops: strategy meetings, future workshops, etc.