Board coaching: Co-operation between the executive board and the supervisory board

A strong company needs a strong bridge between the supervisory board and the executive board. This is particularly true in times of high transformation requirements.

No matter whether within the one-tier or two-tier system: under increasingly complex environmental conditions, it is highly recommended that those involved work together more closely and in a more networked fashion in the solving of strategic issues than they might in times of linear development.

The 'natural bridgeheads’ - especially in the two-tier system - are the chairs of the supervisory board and the executive board. Together, they exert a decisive influence on the quality and functionality of the working relationship within the respective board or between the two bodies.

Board Coaching starts with a 'pit stop' to work on the co-operation relationship between the two chairs. It may provide important signals and suggestions for change for those involved by means of a Pulse Check and/or be used for the moderation of common thematic workshops.

Moderation / support

  • Pit Stop: Status quo and impetus for working-relationship (duo-coaching the chairs)
  • Pulse Check: Feedback and development within SB and between the institutions
  • Thematic workshops: common strategy meetings, future workshops