Our Clients

are individuals and teams at the head of large companies and organizations, men and women obliged to function and produce results in a world with rules and rituals of its own.

These top executives must solve numerous and simultaneous challenges and obligations under a high degree of public scrutiny. This, in turn, has an effect on the manager’s behavior and deeply impacts his/or her day. Control over time, with time slots for pauses, unfiltered exchange or deeper involvement - all these things are rare commodities at this level. A highly-optimized transmitter and decision-maker mode is the new performance standard. Space for listening and learning becomes ever more limited.

Top managers are surrounded by internal and external consultants. When choosing a coach, our clients look for a sparring partner experienced in their world, equipped with a clear perspective. They expect their partner to be courageous, knowledgeable and loyal and at their side when making important decisions.


  • Members of the executive board / management
  • Executive board groups becoming a team
  • Candidates in preparation for a CEO role
  • Extended board (executive committees)
  • Duos made up of the chairs of the supervisory and executive boards