Our Clients

are individuals and teams at the top of large companies and organisations. This management level is a world with its own rules and rituals.

The large number of parallel challenges and obligations, which have to be overcome under a high degree of public attention, has an effect on the behavior of the managers and has a deep impact on the course of their day: having control over their time, space to pause for a moment, for unfiltered exchange or for deeper involvement; all these things come to be rare commodity. This highly-optimised transmitter and decision-maker mode becomes the performance standard. Space for listening and learning becomes ever more limited.

Top managers are surrounded by consultants, both internal and external. When choosing their coach, most of our clients are not looking for (further) experts, pace setters or management gurus. They want the unobstructed perspective of a sparring partner with experience in their world to bravely, knowledgeably and loyally be at their side in times of important decisions, in both a professional and personally manner.


  • Members of the executive board / management
  • Executive board groups on the way to the team
  • Candidates in preparation for a CEO role
  • Extended board (executive committees)
  • Duos made up of the chairs of the supervisory and executive boards