Top Executive Coaching: Individual support of people in top positions

Having overall responsibility for leading a company is a challenging task, a great responsibility and an unparalleled opportunity to do big things. It is precisely this that is often the incentive for ambitious people to take on a leading position. But 'reaching the top', is not an ultimate goal; it is simply the entry into a new dimension of thinking and acting, demands and expectation, success and risk.

At the top of the company, proven professional expertise and management skills are essential. But these alone are no longer enough. A profitable combination of  personality and professionalism is becoming essential to success.

Top Executive Coaching does not involve a purely external adaptation of behavior. It's more about the intelligent development of the resources of “I”, learning and intuition as valuable navigation and anchorage points beyond situational pressure, risk avoidance or hubris.

Examples of topics

  • Onboarding of a new board / CEO role
  • Task: company transformation
  • From chair to team leader
  • Impact and effectiveness over large ranges
  • Confusing conflict structures
  • Performance under the spotlight
  • Stakeholder network: intelligent relationship management