Top Executive Coaching: Individual support for people in top positions

Leading a company is a challenging task, a great responsibility and an unparalleled opportunity for doing major things. This, for a driven individual, is often the incentive to strive for a leading position within an organization. However, 'reaching the top', is not the final goal; instead, it is the onset of a new dimension of thinking and behavior, of demands and expectations, and of success and risk.

Proven professional expertise and broad management experience are crucial elements in being a successful leader, However, these are not enough. Personality, know-how, intuition and professionalism are all essential success factors.

Top Executive Coaching aims to develop and strengthen three basic resources: the self, its learning capabilities and its intuition. These will provide orientation and grounding when challenged with outside pressure, filtered communication or an inflated self-esteem.

Possible topics

  • Onboarding of a new board / CEO role
  • Company transformation
  • From chair to team leader
  • Impact and effectiveness over large ranges
  • Confusing conflict structures
  • Performance under the spotlight
  • Stakeholder network: intelligent relationship management